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Pelican 1506TSA TSA Lock


Pelican 1506TSA TSA Lock
Special TSA accepted lock
Choose from thousands of combinations
TSA personnel can safely lock and unlock
Fits any PELICAN™ case


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TSA-accepted locks keep thieves out, while allowing the TSA necessary access.


0350 Protector Cube Case
0370 Protector Cube Case
0500 Protector Transport Case
0550 Protector Transport Case
1120 Protector Case
1150 Protector Case
1170 Protector Case
1400 Protector Case
1430 Protector Top Loader Case
1440 Protector Top Loader Case
1450 Protector Case
1460 Protector Case
1460EMS Protector EMS Case
1460TOOL Protector Mobile Tool Chest
1470 Protector Laptop Case
1485 Air Case
1490 Protector Laptop Case
1490CC1 Protector Laptop Case
1495 Protector Laptop Case
1495CC1 Protector Laptop Case
1500 Protector Case
1500EMS Protector EMS Case
1507 Air Case
1510 Protector Carry-On Case
1510LFC Protector Laptop Case
1510LOC Protector Laptop Case
1510M Protector Mobility Case
1510SC Protector Studio Case
1520 Protector Case
1525 Air Case
1535 Air Carry-On Case
1535TRVL Air Travel Case
1550 Protector Case
1550EMS Protector EMS Case
1555 Air Case
1557 Air Case
1560 Protector Case
1560LFC Protector Laptop Case
1560LOC Protector Laptop Case
1560M Protector Mobility Case
1560SC Protector Studio Case
1600 Protector Case
1600EMS Protector EMS Case
1605 Air Case
1607 Air Case
1610 Protector Case
1610M Protector Mobility Case
1615 Air Case
1620 Protector Case
1620M Protector Mobility Case
1630 Protector Transport Case
1637 Air Case
1640 Protector Transport Case
1650 Protector Case
1660 Protector Case
1670 Protector Case
1690 Protector Transport Case
1730 Protector Transport Case
1740 Protector Long Case
1770 Protector Long Case
1780 Protector Transport Case
1780HL Protector Rifle Case
iM2050 Storm Case
iM2075 Storm Case
iM2100 Storm Case
iM2200 Storm Case
iM2275 Storm Case
iM2300 Storm Case
iM2306 Storm Case
iM2370 Storm Laptop Case
iM2400 Storm Laptop Case
iM2435 Storm Top Loader Case
iM2450 Storm Case
iM2500 Storm Carry-On Case
iM2600 Storm Case
iM2620 Storm Travel Case
iM2700 Storm Case
iM2720 Storm Travel Case
iM2750 Storm Travel Case
iM2875 Storm Travel Case
iM2950 Storm Travel Case
iM2975 Storm Travel Case
iM3075 Storm Transport Case
iM3100 Storm Long Case
iM3200 Storm Long Case
iM3220 Storm Long Case
iM3300 Storm Long Case
iM3410 Storm Long Case




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