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Pelican Air Cases

Pelican Air series, a travel case made to get you and your gear where you need to be. Designed with a super-light proprietary HPX polymer construction, each Pelican Air case is up to 40 percent lighter than an average polymer case yet still able to take on wear and tear. And extremely water-resistant, the Pelican Air has proven it can be submerged under water one meter for 20 minutes, keeping the interior bone dry. Plus, it offers an automatic purge valve to balance air pressure, too.

A Pelican suitcase provides the lightweight luggage solution you need for all kinds of journeys and jobs. Load up a Pelican suitcase with anything from photography gear to hunting rifles and firearms. Taking the place of a soft wheeled bag, this hard case series offers extra design features like a telescoping handle that locks into place and smooth and quiet stainless steel wheels. With the Pelican luggage case, you can transport heavy and delicate items anywhere. Furthermore, each Pelican Air case is versatile and customizable. Create your own configuration with case accessories like soft padded dividers, Pick N Pluck foam and the TrekPak divider system to organize smaller gear, too. Find a suitable Pelican case for short weekend camping trips and overseas excursions — whatever you need it for!
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